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    用途和性能 Purpose and performance

    1:This machine tool is suitable for two parallel end faces of bearing inside and outside trap of medium model, also can be used for piston ring, piston pin, valve seat, valve plate, gear, tooth sleeve and other circular and irregular workpiece both ends face grinding.
    2:After adding frequency converter to the auxiliary grinding head motor, the stepless speed change can be realized.
    3:After the machine is improved, it can be used for grinding two parallel surfaces of inner and outer rings of large and medium-sized workpieces.
    4:The structure of the machine tool is horizontal, and the front and back guide of grinding head adopts the linear guide of cross roller, which has good rigidity, high precision, long service life and convenient maintenance.
    5:Automatic dressing of grinding wheel is controlled by electrical and hydraulic, and its performance is stable. The grinding wheel can be modified by concavo-convex.
    6:The machine adopts PLC control system, easy to operate, stable, easy to maintain, overhaul, economical and practical.

    版權所有:煙臺泰普森數控機床制造有限公司   主要經營:數控車床、煙臺數控車床、雙端面磨床、軸承車床、軸承滾子數控車床、軸承滾子、滾壓半自動車床等產品。